Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Should Kids Hear Obama?"

We now officially live in a world where the headline on the newspaper website is THE headline, and whatever makes it above the fold in the morning is old news.  So when the Lexington Herald Leader online has as one of it's top stories "Should Kids Hear Obama?", that strikes me as a headline meant to grab readers and clicks.  In this case, it's a bit of a bait and switch.  The question is apparently, should Obama be addressing kids while in school, and should schools interrupt learning for a presidential address aimed at them?
The quotes from Republican Party leaders already insinuate that this address is an attempt to push left wing propaganda on America's youth.  Surely they don't believe Obama is trying to hold a town hall summit on health care with school kids, right?  This may be the first time that a President has ever aimed a speech at school kids, but it certainly isn't the most blatant attempt at propaganda ever made by a President. 
FDR had entire administrations devoted to promoting his New Deal agenda, through music, photography, plays and obviously print media.  Of course, everyone was along for the ride during the New Deal.  It wasn't propaganda, it was patriotism.  You remember that year that followed September 11, 2001?  It was like that, except it lasted for a decade during the FDR years.
All things considered, I have very little problem with a one time address to school kids.  My daughter would be excited for something like that.  I don't think a president can hope to achieve anything tangible from speaking with people who can't vote for him.  What does concern me though, is that some parents are so partisan as to actually request that their kids not be allowed to listen.  If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black...

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