Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese time!

On of our foster kids turned 5 on Sunday, and last night we had his party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Since he came to our house in April, he's asked if he could have a party there, so being the giant pushovers that we are, we gave in.  I should add first off, Ky. Cabinet for Children is pretty explicit about their kids being online.  We can't show pictures, mention even their first names or obviously talk about their specific situations.  Otherwise, I'd have some pictures up here from last night.
I can remember as a kid wanting to go there all the time, and I think my folks took me once, possibly twice.  I never could imagine why they wouldn't want to go as badly as I did.  I mean, what's not to like?  Well, I'm fully aware now.  I thought seriously about writing a whine-fest about how bad it was.  I mean, the draft is sitting here staring at me.  But the truth is, the kids had an absolute blast.  The four kids who were of game playing age and their cousin had so much fun that I can put aside how much it set me back.  We made it pretty clear, each of them can have ONE Chuck E. Cheese party.  No more.  The clear loophole in this plan is that if I apply it every kid we take through the foster care system, I'll be going to this rat hole (pun intended) the rest of my life.  The things we choose to endure for our kids!
Also, you know that game where you put in tokens and they fall down and push other tokens onto the next layer and so on until hopefully some fall into the receptacle at the bottom?  If that were a slot machine in Vegas, I'd have lost my house last night.  My wife actually tries to keep me from seeing those games at these arcades.  I was chain feeding that thing tokens, I'm sure I looked like Gollum holding The One ring. 

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