Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just what the world needs, right?

Another idiot blathering about whatever popped into his head on his drive to work that morning. The problem with having an opinion on everything and precious few people who care to hear them, is that you end up feeling like you need an outlet to let a load off.

I've recently (actually it was last November but it feels recent) kicked a pretty nasty World of Warcraft habit, and lo and behold, the time left on my hands has allowed me to do a lot more reading and general catching up on the world I am actually living in. I started reading blogs that didn't pertain to gaming or more specifically why Resto Shamans suck in arenas. My love affair with good movies and music has been rekindled, and I feel like I've got quit a bit to talk no one in particular.

I don't plan on stating any desire or goal to post daily, weekly, on gibbous moons or any other schedule. Let's just see what happens here and what potpourri of topics we can touch on.

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