Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My summer concert plans

I set a goal at the start of the spring to try to attend 6 concerts by Labor Day.  Things are shaping up nicely.
My first of the summer season was the Dr. Dog and Deer Tick show at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville this past friday.  Dr. Dog's newest album which came out in April is incredible and my favorite work of theirs to date.    Deer Tick was a pretty average live show, and considering I like their music, that's not a ringing endorsement. 
The next show I have tickets for is Of Montreal on May 27th at Buster's Backroom and Billiards.  I don't think Buster's has a long future in this city charging $28 for acts like Of Montreal.  I haven't been there yet, but a venue of that size is out of the range of what other venues are charging.  I want to see this band live, so I'll pay it...this time.
On June 20th, my wife has agreed to go to the Southgate House in Newport to see Blitzen Trapper for my birthday.  I'm very excited about seeing this new band, as I really like their first two albums, and a new one is due out June 8th.($14 for a 2x vinyl and a digital copy, woot!)  This has potential to be the best show of the summer.  A sunday afternoon on the Levee with an evening at the Southgate, sounds awesome.
So I still need 3 more shows to make my goal and some plans appear to be rounding into form.
The Black Keys, one of my very favorite bands has a new date scheduled for Iroqouis Amphitheatre in Louisville on August 11th.  That is a wednesday, and the first day of school to boot.  My wife has already made it clear she doesn't want to go on a school night, especially the first day, to make sure the kids get/stay on their routine.  I can't argue that, but I'm still hoping to go. Preliminary indications show that is acceptable, but I need to make sure that it wasn't a trap. :)  The Keys have a new album coming on May 18th ($26 for a 2x vinyl and CD combo, double woot!), and so far it sounds awesome.  I loved their brand of fuzzed out blues.
My co-worker's favorite band, Little Feat is coming to the Lexington Opera House on September 23rd, which is obviously a few weeks beyond Labor Day, but I feel meets the spirit of the goal!  My co-worker has implored me to consider going, and I see no reason not to see a good-time jam band that's been at it for 40 years.
So that leaves one more show to find, preferably in July, to make it 6 shows this summer.  Hullabalou and Forecastle festivals in Lousiville both have huge acts that I'd like to see:  The Flaming Lips, The Avett Brothers, Loretta Lynn and more, but the prices are staggering and the overall lineups weak to my musical leanings.  I'm hoping The Dead Weather make a trip to the area, as I would pay to watch anything involving Jack White.  It's early and concert tours are just now being finalized for lots of acts.  We'll see what heads our way.

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