Friday, April 30, 2010

What Arizona's immigration law really says about Arizona.

I don't think the opinion I'm about to give is really all that radical, insightful or profound, but something that the amnesty folks have just chosen to gloss over.
"With all the controversy under this new Arizona law that maybe Congress and the president will really look into this problem instead of just talking about it."                      --Sheriff  Joe Arpaio
Arizona didn't pass their new law because they want to profile every hispanic within 100 miles of the Mexican border.  The passed the law because since 1965 the US Government has been 100% hands-off in it's approach to immigration.  Arizona is desperate to make Washington do SOMETHING.  ANYTHING!  They passed a law they almost certainly know will not pass muster at the Supreme Court. They KNOW it will spark debate and maybe, just maybe some federal action.
They also know that 2 previous attempts at amnesty are what led to the crisis that American border towns now face.  The unintended consequences of those actions have also led to the exploitation of millions of workers, and financial crises for American citizens.  When Arizona residents are fearful of murders and kidnappings, it is time to take radical action, even if illegal, just to spur meaningful congressional debate.
What will be most interesting to watch is how Arizona law enforcement officials choose to enforce the new law.  Will they make full use of their new authority and actually profile hispanics?  I don't suspect they will do much other than detain illegal immigrants under normal traffic stops and other routine investigations.

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