Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Cities Summit Lexington. BEWARE the invasion of the creative class!!!!

I don't tweet, but has a feed of the tweets emanating from the Creative Cities Summit, and they range from extremely ironic, to scary, to hilarious. Tomorrow's tweets will be even better as they will all depart reinvigorated, like coming home from a church retreat. Except Richard Florida is their Lord and Savior.

Rob Morris complains:
  • robmorris2 Amy Pearl: Portland a great city, but lot of talkers, not so many doers (kinda like Lex - #ccslex (Yeah, Rob. Less tweeting about not doing and more doing.)

Steve Austin campaigns that:
  • PohlRosaPohl #ccslex Steve Austin: let's "make driving the new smoking." about 1 hour ago reply (Hmm, did Steve Austin think that when he designed the development at Winthrop and Man O' War for King O' Sprawl Jim Hughes)

The CCSBuzz feed contradicts itself:
Eric Patrick Marr makes no sense at all, but enjoys the sound of his own keystrokes:
  • EricPatrickMarr "Having an opinion, trusting your opinion, supporting your opinion with facts - that's the best new media." #ccslex (paraphrase) 26 minutes ago reply (buzz word, cliche, buzz word. SEE, I MADE A POINT!!!!)
  • EricPatrickMarr Old media defends their editorialistic genius, but The People are PLENTY smart enough to discern between quality New Media and crap. #ccslex 31 minutes ago reply (I'm trying Eric, though you are helping me to see the difference)

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