Friday, April 9, 2010

Reports of dislocated shoulders at Creative Cities Summit skyrocketing!!

...apparently from all the self-backpatting going on at the Civic Center.  Unfortunately, not many Doctors in the Creative Class.  They are too busy doing actual work rather than dreaming up ways to kill the space program and use that money to bury utility poles and paint murals.
On to the morning's tweets o' idiocy:
Michelle Malott(yeah, I don't know who that is either):
  • michellemalott #ccslex comunities will always survive because of the people who love them @pkageyama  (Mmm, yes.  Love does conquer all.  The rust belt cities can attest to how love saved their manufacturing jobs and kept their populations from declining.  Ohh, wait.)

From the always moronic Eric Patrick Marr:
Someone other random fella:
  • robclendening Another great day at Creative Cities! Inspiration so thick you could cut it with a knife. #ccslex  (He's so giddy with inspiration, you almost hate to tell him he's full of shit)

EJXD2, I have no idea who this man is, but he's my hero:

  • EJXD2 Love reading all the tweets from #ccslex & all the backslapping between the participants. "You're so brilliant." "Marry me!" #LexKy 12 hours ago reply (What can I add to this? Nothing.
  • EJXD2 I hope the #ccslex goodie bags included knee pads and dental dams #LexKy 11 hours ago reply (Now that's hitting a little below the belt. /rimshot  //groan)
  • Lshevawn @jupiter2012 True Now What, Lex? is free & opn 2 ALL who want 2 make #Lex better. LOTS of inspiration/ideas, however, WILL come from #CCSlex (Was this English?  A coherent thought?  All I know about this woman is based on her tweet yesterday about the worthlessness of the space program, so basically I know she is an idiot.  And uneducated.)

Jen Martinez:

  • jen_martinez @EricPatrickMarr 2mrw morning sounds great... i'll be there the whole morning... i'll have a black timbuk2 bag... cu then! #ccslex (A black timbuk2 bag!  No way!  You'll totally stand out in crowd of creative class peeps with one of those!)
Scott Clark:
  • scottclark The coolest thing about #ccslex? The hallway discussions w/forward thinkers. 13 hours ago reply (he apparently likes talking to real people in real-time too, good for him.  I hear Ben Franklin invented elctricity after a hallway discussion with members of the creative class of 1760.)
Caitlin from I,D and A (whatever that is, but I'm sure it is very creative):
  • CaitlinatIDandA Wish I could begin every day with @ngcrebecca's presentation from this morning. Man, she's just awesome. #ccslex 12 hours ago reply (I wish I could wake up every morning with a daily motivational tweet from a member of the creative class too.  /sarcasm)

Rob Morris, quite possibly my least favorite Lexingtonian:
  • robmorris2: Lexington needs to focus dev't toward creating the city as experience instead of city as collection of things. #ccslex

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